How Does it Work


The Network Brew is offering co-op working space, classroom bookings, presentation theatre,

or sit down, work, have a cup of java & mingle with industry professionals both through our online community

and our physical location.

Can I use The Network Brew?

Yes! Sales Meetings, Classroom bookings, Presentation Theatre, Private Velvet Rope Events, Charity Drives.

Your work-space for the mobile independent professional.

How does The Network Brew work?

Booking a Classroom:

$150/half day

$250/full day event

Presentation Theatre:

$200/half day

$340/full day event

Table Time:

Sit, relax, network or work stress-free, you’re welcome at The Network Brew ($5/hr/table)

(from a single seater to a table for 8, the same price).

Our fully stocked barista station is available for your convenience with over 26 different coffees available,

tea-bar and an assortment of snacks and beverages.